Monthly Digest: July 2015

Dracula’s deceptive vampire bride (Valerie Gaunt) in Dracula (1958), best known by its American title, Horror of Dracula. (Rank Organisation/Universal-International; Fanpop)

July 4

July 15

July 22

  • Monthly Digest: June 2015
    Featuring Andy Boylan’s review of Lisa Dominique Machat’s vampire novel debut, my chronicle of major changes to the Vamped website, Dax Stokes’ article on an upcoming vampire studies symposium, Boylan’s tribue to Christopher Lee, three articles covering Sean Manchester’s stoush with Ramsey Campbell, Trystan Swale’s review of Della Farrant’s debut book and Vamped’s appearance on a Brazilian vampire website.

July 25

July 26

July 29

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Written by Anthony Hogg

Anthony is Vamped's administrator and editor-in-chief. He is also a vampirologist, with particular interest in vampire folklore. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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