Vamped on VBITE

We’re truly honoured by the favourable mention of our website on the August 28, 2014 edition of [Boutique du Vampyre owner] Marita Crandle’s nightly vlog, VBITE, “Vampire Business and Topics of Entertainment.”

Goodbyes Suck: So Long, True Blood


I met you all on September 7, 2008 in a little place called Merlotte’s . . . When I first discovered Bon Temps . . . I was greeted with southern hospitality, cold beer, warm smiles . . . vampires were simply a novelty

The Penny Dreadful Vampire Connection

Don't mind if I do Ms. Ives (indiewire)

“Penny Dreadful” features vampires, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, and even characters from “Dracula”, so I wanted to find out what was the connection with vampires and the real penny dreadfuls?

The Vampire Professor’s Class

. . . after I wrote . . . “Lure of the Vampire” in 2011 . . . many of my author friends and vampire romance fans wanted me to turn it into a class to introduce them to some mythology and more books and television shows

5 Android Vampire Apps

After my [iPhone Apps] article . . . many readers asked, “What about Android apps?” . . . I . . . typed in “vampires” [into Google’s Play Store]; it only came up with 252 apps as opposed to the 1,639 offered by Apple.