The Vampire Edition Is Released!

Monstrum: The Vampire in the Detective StoryThe vampire edition is released today for your reading pleasure! It combines film, television, and vampire lore and legend. It’s an attempt to provide a brief popular culture criticism and review of the cult of the vampires and those who are prolifically engaged in its discourse. This issue was inspired by Caroline Stikkelbroeck’s MA thesis, “The Vampire in the Detective Story,” also available today on the Amazon Kindle.

This edition wouldn’t have been made possible without the cooperation and support from Anthony Hogg, Bertena Varney, and Caroline Stikkelbroeck. We’ve all learned a lot and we’ve developed a strong relationship to pursue this dream. It existed in our imaginations and with their help, we really pulled together and created something from only an idea.

This isn’t the end, naturally, this is only the beginning. We want to continue this investigation further with this website, There’s yet more that we can explore, discuss, and share, perhaps leading to a new-found cooperation to create or continue the Vampire Edition in the year to come!

Contents in this Edition:

Monsters are Symbols, excerpt from The Vampire in the Detective Story – Caroline Stikkelbroeck
Interview with a Vampire Author – Sufi Mohamed & Caroline Stikkelbroeck
Bela Lugosi’s Best Vampire Films – Charles E. Butler
The Vampire Diaries – Helen Marukh
Fear and Loathing in the Twilight Saga – David MacDowell Blue
Thirst, A Korean Expression – Seung-woo Baek
Nosferatu, Dracula, 30 Days of Night – Lachelle Redd
Classic Dracula Film Reels – Mo Hussain
Will the Real Vampires Please Stand Up – Stavros Cockrell
Fright Night 2 – Bertena Varney
Strigoi, a Romanian feast – Adam Wing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Andy Boylan
The Faces of Dracula – Dax Stokes
Beautiful Savage – Scarlette D’Noire
Vampire Gallery – Roger Koch & Charles E. Butler

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