Vamped Gets Second Helping on VBITE

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Fresh from the favourable review we received in the August 28, 2014 edition of Marita Crandle’s vlog, VBITE, we scored another mention—the following night!

The August 29, 2014 episode, above, singles out two posts in particular: Erin’s “Fancy a Bite? China’s Vampire Café” and the interview she conducted with me, “Interview with the Vampirologist.” During her review of our site, Marita held up a familiar drink:

Marita Blood Energy Potion

“Harcos Labs is the company that makes blood bags for us,” she says. Talk about a small world! I didn’t expect to see the product we’ve discussed displayed live on video—that was a pleasant surprise!

Once again, we’d like thank Marita for giving our site kudos. It was totally unexpected, but nonetheless, it’s great to be appreciated!

We’ve written about the Chinese vampire café and the popularity of “vampire drinks” a couple of other times; Erin covered the China Food and Drug Administration’s crackdown on the drinks, and I followed it with my write-up on responses I’d garnered from “Blood Energy Potion” distributors.

If you’re in New Orleans, be sure to check out Marita’s shop, Boutique du Vampyre. Mention you’re a Vamped member, and she’s promised to “make sure you get a Lagniappe” with your purchase(s). Subscribe to her YouTube channel for other VBITE episodes!