Monthly Digest: March 2015

Was Elizabeth Báthory (1560–1614) all she was cracked up to be? Photo: Celeste Canino. Source: Digital-Spinach/DeviantArt.

March 1

  • Behind the Curtain: Vamped’s Administrators Interviewed
    Erin and I scored separate interviews discussing our interest in vampires. My interview was conducted by Matthew E Banks for The Spectral Times, the Great British Ghosts website’s official magazine. Erin’s interview featured on The Collective Awaits, Magenta Ash’s paranormal podcast.

March 15

  • Monthly Digest: February 2015
    Tune in for some night music and Vamped’s most ambitious article to date: an investigation into the Highgate Vampire.

March 17

March 20

March 29

March 30

Most Popular Post of the Month

  • 5 Reasons Why a Wampyr Didn’t Walk in Highgate Cemetery” (Feb. 27, 2015)
    Erin Chapman’s investigation into the Highgate Vampire toppled successive appearances of her interview with me—and I couldn’t be happier. The article was a ballbreaker to work on, but it paid off–and will continue to pay off—in spades for its thoroughness and providing a conclusive answer to a question first asked on the Hampstead & Highgate Express‘ front page, forty-five years ago: “Does a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?” (Feb. 27, 1970).

The follow-up to “5 Reasons” is still in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for that. There’ll also be some major website overhauls coming. I know I keep saying that, but you’ll see what I mean soon enough. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who keeps reading and stay tuned!