The Story of Vamped’s 3rd Birthday Cake

The finished product. Our little online vampire magazine celebrated it’s third birthday on January 20, 2017. Picture: Erin Chapman.

Last week, Anthony and I discussed what we should do to celebrate Vamped‘s upcoming third birthday on January 20, 2017. We decided he would write an article, while I figured out a cake. At first I planned on making a cake, but due to a tight schedule, I opted to purchase one instead.

On January 15, I visited my local Save-On-Foods for a weekly shop. With an idea in my head of what I wanted for a cake, I headed to the bakery to hunt down something appropriate.

I ended up choosing a strawberry shortcake half-sheet for $16.99 CAD. I asked the woman working in the bakery if she could write on it. She said no problem.

She wrote an inscription on a large chocolate slab for on top. I explained I had a weird request, asking if they had any red gel icing that could mimic blood. She gave me a strange look and told me to hold on.

Originally, I was going to try my idea on the store-bought cake at home, but figured if they had the materials it would be easier and save me money. She returned a few minutes later with a large piping bag of strawberry jelly.

I wanted to add a border that made the cake look like it was bleeding. She attempted to pipe around the top of the cake and I interrupted, asking if I could do it. She gave me the bag and I laced the top borders of the cake with enough jelly to drip down the side. I added some extra bits to flare out the blood effect until I was happy with it.

Fresh and bloody: Decorated with bloody strawberry jelly, a cake fit for any vampire fan. Picture: Erin Chapman.

At the front till, the Asian lady that scanned our groceries saw the cake and asked me if it was someone’s birthday. I said, “Yes, my website.” She gave me a confused look and burst into laughter.

She put her face down on the counter and continued to laugh for a good twenty seconds. When she stood upright she was still laughing and said, “That’s not a person.” I responded by explaining that it’s not a person, but still has it’s own birthday. I think the language barrier was what made the idea funny to her and as she scanned the rest of the groceries she kept giggling to herself until we left.

Once I got the cake home, I tried to figure out what I could place on top to vamp it up a little. I remembered a box of vampire chocolates that I purchased at Hotel Chocolat.

Tiddly Vampires. Last year, I purchased two boxes of these chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, Taunton, UK. I kept one and sent the other to Anthony, Vamped‘s Editor-in-Chief, as a Christmas present. Picture: Erin Chapman.

I debated how many little guys could fit on the cake and settled on two because Vamped is pretty much a two-person operation with Anthony and myself. They fit perfectly and I was happy with the end product.

Vamped’s staff. Anthony and I joked about how he is the taller chocolate vampire on the cake. Picture: Erin Chapman.

The cake was delicious and my only regret was Anthony couldn’t partake in the enjoyment. That’s what he gets for living on the other side of the globe!


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