“A Great Series Starter”: Jerry Knaak’s Debut Vampire Novel

Jerry Knaak, author of The Dark Truth (2017), first book in the Dark Passage series. Official head shot for the book’s cover, taken in Alameda, CA, June 2, 2017. Picture: Tony Gonzalez.

The Dark Truth
by Jerry Knaak
Trifecta Publishing House, US$14.99 (paperback)
Published November 19, 2017

Version for review: e-format provided by author

Set in a modern San Francisco, The Dark Truth is the first in Jerry Knaak’s The Dark Passage series and begins with protagonist, Elizabeth, waking during a storm and seeing a face at the window. It’s a face she has seen before; it haunted her childhood.

The next day, she is persuaded to go to an alternative club but, having seen that face again, in the crowds, she calls it a night, is attacked in the parking lot and abducted. She awakens lashed to a cross but, rather than kill her, the vampire who has stalked her for years feeds her his blood and she is apparently dead but (unbeknownst to them) conscious and aware when the police find her. She awakens next in the morgue.

There have been numerous books told from the point of view of the newly-turned vampire but, what I liked about this, was the fact that Elizabeth embraces her new side. In narrative (as this is first person) she tells us that she lacks emotion post turn but this doesn’t gel with the fact that she gives herself a rule of not attacking children due to the guilt after she abducts and eats a young girl. It was really nice, however, to get a vampire who is truly vicious but the author keeps enough around her to keep her sympathetic.

The vampire rules are classic. She instinctively knows many of them and so avoids the sun and knows that she’ll have a reaction if she steps onto hallowed ground. Her reflection vanishes (though a feed will allow it to come partially back). She has eye mojo (and vocal command powers also) and also develops a bad case of arithmomania. She is a sloppy eater and also needs to feed daily (when she misses a feed she loses control the next evening and slaughters everyone in a boutique). Why she has such a need to feed isn’t answered (it is speculated on) but certainly her stalker seems to feed a lot less and not as conspicuously. She is able to take only so much and keep the victim alive—though this is rarely used.

A great series starter. 7 out of 10.

The Dark Truth, the first book in the Dark Passage series, is available in paperbackKindle and Audiobook formats on Amazon.

For more information on the book and the author, visit jerryknaak.com.


September 13, 2019

  • Jerry Knaak’s name in the first paragraph of the review was accidentally spelled “Knack.” We apologise for the error.—Ed.