Website Ideas


Pursuant to the previous post, it didn’t take long for a response on idea for this website! Here’s what website member Erin Chapman suggested to me via Facebook chat:

Creature feature: one day a week you post a feature vampire or monster. Explain origins, history, characteristics etc. you know so much educate others and dazzle at the same time

That’s an intriguing idea. I’m immediately reminded of Kyle Van Helsing’s The Demon Hunter’s Compendium blog—except it’d be something more regular. Come to think of it, the “Slavic Testimony” chapter in Jan L. Perkowski’s The Darkling: A Treatise on Slavic Vampirism (1989) covers similar ground, too. And I must admit, I do like the idea of a regular feature.

Erin also told me:

Ok that is only 1 lol I got more

Keep ’em coming, Erin!


  1. I have a couple of title ideas rattling around in my head. I will start work on them soon. I do not want to be too derivative though.

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