I’m Sorry, Vampire Diaries—It’s Over

Dear Vampire Diaries,

I am not sure where to begin. I really wish we could have met in person today, but we both know how chaotic and conflicting our schedules are currently. We barely have time to get together once a week let alone catch up with each other in our down time.

Stop looking at me like that, Stefan. This is hard enough as it is. (Yidio)

Between my writing and working schedule and your casting calls at 4am we basically pass each other like strangers in the night. Our lack of quality time together lately has forced me to re-evaluate our situation, and made me take a long hard look at myself.

I remember the first day we met. It was September 10, 2009, just after dusk in Mystic Falls. There were 4.91 million other people there, a milestone for your friends at the CW Network. For me it was love at first sight and I didn’t care what other people said.

The critics insinuated you were just a one-off pilot episode and riding the coat tails of the successful Twilight franchise; which was released in November 2008 and grossed $392,616,625 in box office sales worldwide. Back in 2009, from a marketing and financial perspective, vampires and high school students were a winning combination. Who would have guessed your celebrity status would grow this exponentially into a global obsessive fandom following?

Over the last five years, our relationship has grown and developed on so many levels. We started hanging out once a week. We became friends on Facebook, followed each other on Twitter, and even had some laughs on Tumblr, of all places.

Sometimes, my jealous friends said we spent too much time together, but I wouldn’t hear it.

In the beginning, everything was new and exciting! I could relate to Daman, Elena, and Stefan on a personal level, their problems personally touching my life. I got on the emotional roller coaster with the residents of Mystic Falls and never looked back, sharing their highs and lows. It reminded me of my high school days, but without all the drama and far too many school dances.

Over the years, our personal connection became stronger. When a family member was violently killed off, I wept with Elena. When Elena and Stefan broke up, I felt their agonizing pain, recalling my own personal past break-ups, which were never easy.

When Damon realized he loved Elena, but couldn’t have her, I secretly rooted for his happiness. After all, who doesn’t root for the bad boy to come out on top? When Alaric went on a crazy rampage before dying, I felt Damon’s sorrow for losing his best friend.

It wasn’t until last year that I found my interest fading, convincing myself it was just temporary, a minor speed bump in the road. Elena being a vampire with her humanity back, the entire Silas situation and now the departure of Klaus—all caused irreversible damage in my eyes.

I told myself to keep watching to stay up to date with vampire pop culture trends for my writing and research purposes, but it was at this point I realized the passion was gone.

Over the Christmas holidays, I had more free time to think and re-evaluate our relationship and I found myself asking when is enough actually enough? I am a bitter woman and I feel let down by the series, finally admitting to myself it went stale a long time ago.

I could spare your feelings and say it’s me not you, but that would be letting you off too easily. At this point I am just very unhappy and need to move on to something else that fulfills my needs. You might also want to sit back and do some reflecting, yourself, and ask why on October 13, 2013 you only had 2.59 million people with you in Mystic Falls to see their favorite friends head off to college?

Perhaps it’s not the bad, predictable plotlines; the far-too-many school dances or keg parties; the major onslaught of a ridiculous amount of doppelgangers in the last season; the fact the all mighty Silas was a major dick of a character; the be-all-end-all cure was the only thing anyone cared about; maybe it was having Klaus packing it up for New Orleans with his siblings, leaving the writers with the huge task of orchestrating a half decent plot line out of nothing?

I don’t think it’s fair to say it was one thing—but these factors combined, meant I had to delete you from my Facebook feed, my Twitter and stop recording you on my PVR. I just couldn’t take it anymore

“I don’t understand. I thought things were going so well?” (100% True Blood)

I don’t want you to worry about me; I know I will be fine and I hope you will be too. Perhaps we can still be friends, and if not, at least remain civil to each other if we cross paths again. I know this will be hard since we share a lot of the same friends.

The other day, I read a survey in Cosmopolitan that revealed 39.7% of couples break up because they “just fell out of love.” Maybe it’s not the show at all? Perhaps I have fallen out of love with you and it is just time to move on?

All the best,


Erin Chapman is Vamped‘s co-administrator. She also runs the site’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Check out her website, too.


  1. I completely agree with everything you said! Im still watching, secretly hoping thing will change. Thanks Erin

    1. I was hoping for so long too, but just decided to go for the clean break. It’s like the longer I prolonged it, the worse the show was getting to me.

  2. Was not a Vampire Diaries watcher but certainly wish I could touch an audience like it clearly did. Fun, sad letter, Erin. Great article!

  3. I never got into this show, but I went through the same thing with True Blood. Don’t worry. It’ll be hard for both of you, but you’ll find other shows. Just be wary when they come crawling back, begging you to take them back. Trust me. It never works out.

    1. Oh I am ready for that, stay! I must stay strong and never look back no matter how good they make the adverts look on TV.

  4. I feel your pain, even though I never really got “into” TVD. To be honest, what alienated me was that this series’ world felt little like my high school. Where were the geeks, the losers, the overweight kids, the often-vicious social pressures, the quasi-religious devotion to sports? I just couldn’t find myself believing in a high school full of teen models. Watched a few episodes, which I thought fairly well-done, but my heart was never engaged. Sorry.

  5. Understandable David, to each their own. It’s not for everyone. 🙂 Now you mention it was partially the high school environment, does that mean you feel the same way about the Twilight franchise? Have you seen those and what are your thoughts on them?

  6. This is truly a wonderful piece Erin! I loved every bit of your journey explaining the devotion to frustration. All good things come to an end, except Buffy, hahaha. 😉

  7. I had never watched the show until I was working on a lecture last year, and was adding it to my list of shows, so I decided I should watch an episode. I have to say I got a little hooked and watched all of the seasons available at the time pretty quickly. I do think it is on its way out. I agree that the whole school thing is getting dumb. We’ll see. I’m still watching it, but I don’t know for how much longer. I thought I would want to watch the Originals spin-off, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    1. I actually started watching The Originals and liked it a lot more. I have only watched about 4 episodes so far and the rest are waiting for me on the PVR. I would recommend giving it a try.

  8. I was curious if anyone out there started watching this season and if so what are your thoughts with the proposed direction of the show, and the crossover with The Originals series?

  9. My wife and I watched from the start of the series, recording on nights we were unable to watch at the broadcast time. The show got more and more mired in witches, werewolves doppelgangers and hunters as time went on. Klaus & his dysfunctional family were there to stir things up, but what kept me watching was Caroline Forbes, played by the beautiful Candice Accola who progressed from a whiny human to a no-holds-barred strong willed young lady-vampire and was the star of the show for me!

    1. This is refreshing Guy! Thanks for sharing. It is the first time I have heard someone reference Candice and praise her as opposed to the usual comments for Nina. Are you and your wife still watching this season and what is your take on the direction of the show this year?

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