The Other 5 Most Popular Vampire Songs on YouTube


¹ But as I pointed out to him:

It’s a tricky one, mate, because how else do you search for popular vampire songs? My alternative would’ve been to pretty much YouTube every single popularly known vampire song (and who knows what I’d be leaving out?) and seeing what happens.

As of this writing, he hasn’t offered an alternative. If anyone’s got one, I’m all ears.

Here’s the other problem: “popularly known” songs. Do you have any idea how many vampire songs don’t mention “vampire” in their title or might not automatically be identified as a “vampire song”? Comb through this list. Or this one.

² Yep, the list would’ve been totally different if I stuck to the original method. Instead of the eclecticism you waded through, you would’ve been confronted with four songs featured in The Vampire Diaries—and the accompanying fan videos reflect a direct connection between the two. I’ve added the episodes the songs appear in:

10. Within Temptation, “All I Need,” 2,553,421 views. “Miss Mystic Falls,” S1 E19 (2010).

9. Jason Walker, “Echo,” 2,766,035 views. “The Hybrid,” S3 E2 (2011)

8. Alex Band, “Only One,” 3,774,824 views. “Bloodlines” S1 E10 (2010) and “Daddy Issues” S2 E13 (2011).

7. Ross Copperman, “Holding on and Letting Go,” 4,008,153 views. “The New Deal,” S3 E10 (2012).

And, lastly:

6. Anne Lennox, “Love Song for a Vampire,” 4,404,784 views.

Thanks goodness James Lyon and Uwe Sommerland called me out on by method. Cheers, guys. For the record, though, just to show that a song’s fame doesn’t necessarily mean higher YouTube views over other vampire songs (remember my rubric!), the highest viewed video for Sting’s “Moon over Bourbon Street” I could find—the Anne Rice-inspired track from his 1985 album, The Dream of Blue Turtles—has only been viewed 636,681 times.

Meanwhile, the highest viewed version of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s perennial “Monster Mash” I could find scored 6,065,717 views. And it didn’t even “star” the singer: it was played over a clip from the Groovy Ghoulies. However, I did get thinking about another methodology while writing this article, and it relates to variant videos.

For instance, Pickett’s “Monster Mash” appears in numerous videos on YouTube, making it pretty much the same song. So if the view counts for all those variants were assembled, then perhaps a true figure of the “most popular vampire song on YouTube” could be derived. But you’d also have to do that for all vampire-themed songs (remember, they might not necessarily feature “vampire” in the title or description!). And dear reader, that’s too great a task for one man.

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  1. Curious thing is that when I look at Annie Lennox’ “Love Song for a Vamp”, it has 5.241.756 views now. Could she have made almost another million since you wrote this? Oo

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