Monthly Digest: September 2014

Pet Shop Boys Vampire Dancing
Who’s the vampire dancing up the stairs in this Pet Shop Boys music video? (YouTube/emimusic)

At the beginning of every month, we recap articles that’ve been posted on Vamped, the month before. Sit back, relax, get reacquainted—or see what you’ve missed. We’re also introducing a little segment we’re calling “Most Popular Post of the Month.” Who won? Read on…

September 2

  • In case you missed it, Vamped underwent a major overhaul. You’ll see screencaps of what it used to look like, read about the new direction it’s taking, not to mention other modifications we’ve made.
  • “Monthly Digest” made its debut, covering articles and blog posts written in August. Relive reviews, a vampire class, our follow-up on the Chinese government’s crackdown on vampire drinks and more!

September 3

  • If you haven’t read vampire review blog, Taliesin Meets the Vampires, you really should. Chances are, if there’s a movie with vampires, he’s seen it! Erin’s interview with its author, Andy Boylan—who’s also written for Vamped—is the perfect introduction to his work.

September 4

  • The ever-lovely Marita Crandle of Boutique du Vampyre fame, gave our website a favourable review, citing two articles in particular—and discusses a product we’ve written about, previously.

September 9

  • Want to play a game? See if you can guess the identity of an actor playing a vampire in a Pet Shop Boys music video from the 1980s!

September 12

  • Did you hear about the Twilight fan who married a cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson? There was much more to the story than many media outlets revealed…

September 13

  • In conjunction with the site’s major overhaul, there were more changes made to commenting, memberships and our forum. Read about those changes here.

September 15

  • Ever wondered why vampires don’t reflect in mirrors? Andy Boylan goes into the trope’s background and discusses some clever twists on it.
  • Marita Crandle gave me a heads up in one of her vlog posts, mentioning a “website” she’d found about Alaskan vampires, which discussed “recent advances in vampirology and technology.” Here’s what I thought about it.
  • Which cult film star played a vampire in a ZZ Top music video before her big break? Find out here!

September 22

  • According to rumours, Cher (yes, the Cher) will star as a vampire on American Horror Story: Freak Show, premiering on October 8. Or will she?

September 29

  • Apparently, Britain’s toppled Transylvania’s top spot as vampire capital of the world. At least, according to a report by Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe. Find out more in my interview with everyone’s favourite ghostbustin’ biker priest!

Most Popular Post of the Month

Each month, we’ll give a shout-out to the most widely-viewed article on Vamped, according to unique page views registered by our webhost. This month, the winner was…

Well done, Erin! But since this is the inaugural edition of “Most Popular Post of the Month,” you might be wondering who last month’s winner was. For the record, it was Erin again, with “Interview with the Vampirologist” (August 17, 2014), featuring yours truly.


  1. We definitely had an awesome month, it was so busy and being on vacation at the same time made things a bit challenging. Back in the groove now and totes excited for October and Halloween!

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