Have you got a vampire-related book or film to promote? A project? Website, blog? Why not write about it here? First step: join the site. Next, discuss your work with me via email or contact me on Facebook. Note: no press releases. Unique content only. This is a blog and I’m looking for a personal touch. Talk about why people should buy your book.

Do you think they’ll by your book or see your film simply because you post a link to an online retailer? Websites and social media are littered with people doing the same thing: spamming links. Ask yourself this: do you buy stuff simply because some posts a link or you like a page? No. You need a “pitch.” A hook. An angle.

If you think you have nothing to say, can’t think of anything to post—remind yourself: you are a writer. It’s your job. Your passion. Your skill. You’ll think of something. Without promotion, your stuff won’t sell. It won’t get seen and won’t get read. It’s that simple.

What Should I Write About?

Talk about what got you interested in vampires. Tell us about the experience you had creating your work. Anything along those lines is acceptable. t’s got to have a personal touch, that’s why I don’t want copy-paste press releases. Remember, a blog is a “web log”—an online journal. It helps humanise your work.

If it meets the standard, I’ll add you as an author to this blog. Try and keep it under 2000 words.

What If I’ve Got Nothing to Shill?

That’s the beauty of it: you don’t need to! You can review other books or movies, share an article or video you find interesting (if it’s your own, doesn’t count!—that’s what a promotional blog post is for). This website is as much about establishing a community as it is about promoting stuff. A place to share your thoughts.

The blog is also an outlet for expression and a networking tool. It will also help you cultivate an online presence, especially if you don’t have a blog of your own. Use it to your advantage. In a good way.

So, writers—get writing! I look forward to hearing from you.

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