Monthly Digest: May 2015

Ashurst House 1820 (British History Online)
Ashurst House 1820 (British History Online)
Plate of Ashurst House, ca. 1820, former residence of London’s mayor, William Ashurst (1647–1720) was situated where St. Michael’s Church now stands. The mansion’s grounds were used for Highgate Cemetery. Sean Manchester claims it was once inhabited by a vampire. Photo: British History Online.

May 22

  • The 100th Post: My Top 10 Moments Working for Vamped
    Working for Vamped since Jan. 20, 2014 has been a wild ride and a huge learning experience for me on so many levels. Take a look behind the scenes at my top moments as we celebrated the hundredth post for the site.

May 23

  • Monthly Digest: April 2015
    In April, Dax Stokes, the Vampire Historian, visited some vampire scholars and we tracked a vampire through some good old-fashioned investigating.

May 24

  • Interview with Phineas J Legheart, Vampire Killing Kit Maker
    Anthony’s interview with Phineas J Legheart, vampire killing kit maker extraordinaire, is one of my new favourites. Find out how Twisted Sister’s frontman, Dee Snider, had an influence on the making of his kits. Yes you read that right!

May 26

  • A Virgin’s View on ‘Dracula’ (1931)
    For my third instalment of a “Virgin’s View” Anthony chose Dracula (1931) as my assignment. I had to find out if this film lived up to all the movie buff’s hype. Find out how I related the musical Grease (1978) to this classic and if you haven’t seen the film, beware of spoilers.

May 27

Most Popular Post of the Month

  • Interview with the Vampirologist” (Aug. 17, 2014)
    My interview with Anthony topped the charts again in May and is still the reigning champion of Vamped holding the title of “most popular post” for five months! If you want a glimpse into what a vampirologist is and Anthony’s background, I recommend checking it out.

May started out a bit slow article wise because we’ve both been pretty busy, but the last week proved to be a good one. We’re super close to rolling over the new theme for the site that will feature advertising spaces and a more news-oriented feel.

I am currently writing my next travel segment from my trip last March; it’s going to be a monster and set the bar a little bit higher for future segments.