Stoker and the Bat

Punch Magazine (1885)

It is now common knowledge that vampires can turn into bats but prior to Bram Stoker’s seminal 1897 novel “Dracula” the connection was not so obvious. “Dracula” . . . solidified popular knowledge regarding vampire lore.

To Touch the Sun: Inspirations

The cover of my novel designed by AD Warr

On February 25 my vampire novel, “To Touch the Sun”, was released . . . When asked why I wrote a vampire novel, “Well, everyone should write at least one in their lifetime.” Let’s be honest, there isn’t . . . a drought

Why I Hate Fangst

“Fangst” is a term I read on the Internet, . . . [so] let’s say “fangst” is an ironic term one may apply to the depiction of vampires as tragic heroes: beautiful, dark creatures doomed to a life they wouldn’t choose

Why I’m Back to Self-Publishing

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard from the publisher to whom I had submitted my “Highland Home” Series . . . the euphoria didn’t last long . . . I [took] my books back and return[ed] to self-publishing.

Ancient Blood: Cinematic Inspirations

I have a shameful confession to make: my novel started off life as a screenplay and . . . many of the works that inspired its creation were movies! I know, I feel terrible, but I’m glad to finally get it off my chest.