The Penny Dreadful Vampire Connection

Don't mind if I do Ms. Ives (indiewire)

“Penny Dreadful” features vampires, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, and even characters from “Dracula”, so I wanted to find out what was the connection with vampires and the real penny dreadfuls?

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Building Monsters: Lego’s Vampire Line

Vampire rises from the ground in New Orleans (Technabob)

Now you may ask why a giant ass Lego vampire caught my eye? . . . [I’m] always watching for cool promotions that attract attention [and] assembling a 10-foot tall vampire . . . in New Orleans . . . is genius!

Stoker and the Bat

Punch Magazine (1885)

It is now common knowledge that vampires can turn into bats but prior to Bram Stoker’s seminal 1897 novel “Dracula” the connection was not so obvious. “Dracula” . . . solidified popular knowledge regarding vampire lore.