Ancient Blood: A Study in Archetypes

Like most of us, I [believed] that Bela Lugosi’s Count Dracula represented the original vampire of myth and legend. It was only later as I read more novels, more folklore . . . that I discovered how wrong we all were!

Vampire Picture Mystery—Solved!

Last year, while looking for a relevant picture to include in my September 22, 2013 blog post about the connection between vampires and sleep paralysis, I came across this impressive artwork in Google Images

10 Songs to Awaken Your Inner Vampyre

Vampyre music is some of the strangest music I have ever heard. In my mundane element, I am strictly a jazz enthusiast but when . . . writing this article . . . my vampiric element loved a far broader selection of music.

The Day I Met Anne Rice

. . . when I was in high school I . . . picked up a copy of “The Vampire Lestat” and immediately fell in love with her characters, New Orleans, and the entire ambiance of the vampire world she so brilliantly portrayed.

Lil’ Nippers

There’s something captivating about vampire kids . . . With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few pics from my friend’s Facebook account . . . Earlier today, I asked her why she went about collecting these images.

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